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Just over 20 years ago, a crazed 27-year-old narcissist named Andrew Cunanan murdered Gianni Versace on the steps of the designer’s Miami home. Versace by then had built a successful global fashion brand known for unabashedly glamorous dresses worn by actresses and models.

In the aftermath of his death—recently dramatized in the FX show, “The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story”—Gianni’s sister, Donatella, stepped in to take control of the label. At this point, she has now designed Versace’s clothes for longer than Gianni did.

Donatella talked about the difference between her Versace and her brother’s in a candid and engrossing interview with the e-commerce site Ssense. She says her clothes approach women from a different point of view than his—and have a dimension that considers the practical demands of working life as well. She explained:

Gianni’s ideal woman had a life that consisted mainly of chic cocktail parties. Her frivolous pleasure was to transgress boundaries of mainstream taste and provoke with flamboyant hedonism. My Versace woman is a multitasker with a job and a family. She’s mostly looking for clothes that can be worn between seven in the morning and seven in the evening—perfectly tailored, a whiff of glamour, but without bombast. She uses fashion as a corset for her self-confidence, not as a means of provocation. To sum it up in a sentence, Versace’s fashion has become more realistic.

Donatella’s vision of Versace.

It’s certainly possible for men to design “realistic” clothes for women, and Donatella’s vision for the brand has included many flashy, skin-baring creations that aren’t exactly office-appropriate. This is the woman, after all, who designed the stunning green dress Jennifer Lopez wore to the 2000 Grammys that brought the world Google image search.

But as fashion critic Alexander Fury has noted, when women are the ones designing for women, the results do tend to be different. “Maybe it’s the experience of actually wearing the clothes—and indeed of living a life around them,” he wrote in a 2015 story.

The point is notable because despite fashion making most of its money off women, male designers still generally dominate the industry. The stereotype of a couturier even remains a resolutely male character like Reynolds Woodcock, the controlling protagonistof Paul Thomas Anderson’s movie Phantom Thread, which took inspiration from the real life of designer Cristóbal Balenciaga.

These issues arose again in January of this year, when the fashion label Céline announced that designer Hedi Slimane would succeed Phoebe Philo as creative director. Philo was known for creating clothes beloved by professional women that didn’t rely on sex appeal to imbue confidence. Slimane is known to make clothes that are arguably more a club girl’s fantasy and less realistic, to borrow Donatella’s wording.

Maybe fashion would be just a little richer and more varied, though, with a few more women making the decisions about what big, prestigious labels offer their female customers.

Source; quartz.qz.com

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Accra fashion week


Ghana’s premier fashion event Accra Fashion Week is ready to square with western fashion weeks by executing seasonal fashion shows twice a year. This is the first in Sub Sahara Africa for a fashion week to be executed twice a year, unless one is counting SA Fashion Week and SA Menswear Week.

As it goes, the two Accra Fashion Weeks will be distinguished by the seasons. The upcoming Accra Fashion Week set to occur on 3-8th October 2017 will be dubbed Spring/Harmattan 2017 where collections presented will be open for the season ahead. The follow up event will be executed in Late March and dubbed the Chilly/Rainy 2018 which will see our fashion designers create clothes for the rainy season following.


Accra fashion week

Organizers stated “It is not so much an issues about how many collections the designers can create, African designers usually participate in 2 or 3 or more fashion shows a year, so they do have the capacity to produce irregardless of how great business is ina the country, the most essential aspect to this is the consistency of branding obtained from being on the runway whilst setting trends for the seasons in our nation”

Accra Fashion Week was launched in 2017 and made history in Africa by compiling the largest amount of foreign designers to showcase in a country for a single event. This October, over 30 designers are set to hit the runway from over 15 countries. For more information visit www.AccraFashionWeek.org.

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Virgil abloh

Louis Vuitton Crowns Virgil Abloh as Its New Menswear Designer

In breaking news, French luxury house Louis Vuitton has just named Virgil Abloh as its new artistic director of menswear, replacing Kim Jones who announced his departure just last week.a1

Abloh’s new gig at LV will make him one of the few black designers at the top of a French heritage house, followed by Olivier Rousteing at Balmain and Ozwald Boateng, who was the designer for Givenchy menswear from 2003 to 2007. According to The New York Times, Abloh will relocate his family to Paris to fulfill his new role.

Before today’s official announcement, it was rumored Abloh would take over Jones’ spot. On the same day as his announcement to leave Louis Vuitton, Kim Jones posted a pair of Off-White™ x Air Jordan 1 sneakers, signed by Abloh himself, with the caption “Thanks Virgil, BIG LOVE.” Abloh will show his first collection for Louis Vuitton during Paris Men’s Fashion Week in June.

Abloh stated:

“I feel elated. This opportunity to think through what the next chapter of design and luxury will mean at a brand that represents the pinnacle of luxury was always a goal in my wildest dreams. And to show a younger generation that there is no one way anyone in this kind of position has to look is a fantastically modern spirit in which to start.”

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Ugo Monye Label Releases New Collection – The REALE

Nigerian menswear brand, known for its trendsetting styles and attires designed exclusively for fashion forward individuals, Ugo Monye has released its new collection tagged Reale Collection.

The Reale Collection is a three-piece robe collection inspired by the Agbada – a Nigerian traditional attire. Reale is an Italian word meaning Royal, and it encapsulates the essence of the collection.

A lot of men find it difficult to wear and handle Agbada due to its bulky nature but this collection introduces the open robe concept which is simple and stylish.

The Reale collection is a fusion of silk, cotton and wool fabrics. It’s for the bold, ambitious and strong man who is all about tradition yet desires comfort and style.

click here to See the full lookbook

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Stella McCartney

FASHION British designer, Stella McCartney causes outrage with her expensive African print wear

The fear of many African fashion connoisseurs is coming to pass as big designers increasingly incorporate African fabrics and designs in their collections. So are these big designers ‘stealing’ from Africans?

British designer, Stella McCartney, who is daughter of famed Beatles frontman, Paul McCartney, has caused some outrage with her collection using African prints. A video has hit social media with an angry woman calling for a boycott of the collection because it represents stealing from the African culture, which has already been raped by the West enough!

Tagged as ‘Abstract Print Dresses’ these Stella Mccartney designs are going for as much as $1,170 at Harrods.

The pieces which are taken from Stella McCartney’s Summer 2018 collection were birthed from a collaboration with Vlisco on a series of playful and colourful prints to create a bold all-over pattern bringing unparalleled vibrancy to fashionistas.

This brings to mind the question of whether indeed these fabrics that are tagged as ‘African Print’ belong to Africa at all? Especially since most of it is printed in holland by Vlisco anyway.


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French fashion icon Hubert de Givenchy dies aged 91

French fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy, who created famous looks for Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy, has died at the age of 91.

His partner Philippe Venet, a former haute couture designer, confirmed the news to the AFP news agency.

“It is with huge sadness that we inform you that Hubert Taffin de Givenchy has died,” he said.

The designer’s nephews and nieces, and their children, share Mr Venet’s grief, his statement added.

Givenchy was perhaps most famous for creating the iconic Little Black Dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

“It was… an enormous help to know that I looked the part… Then the rest wasn’t so tough anymore. Givenchy’s lovely simple clothes [gave me] the feeling of being whoever I played…,” Hepburn previously said of the designer.

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Acrylic nails

Unique Acrylic Nail Designs To Make Your Look Unforgettable

Acrylic nail designs presented in this photo gallery are truly amazing, and you can check to see that.

And in case you are a curious little creature, the acrylic manicure is an artificial manicure done with 2 acrylic products, namely powdered polymer and liquid monomer. The application process starts with mixing the powder and liquid, and the mixture is then applied to your natural nails to form a hardened layer.

The acrylic manicure has many advantages:

If to consider all faux nails, acrylics are the most long-lasting and the strongest.

You can remove acrylics, using acetone. And you can do it at home.

You can get acrylics done at practically any salon.

Acrylics are not expensive at all.

Tempted? It’s time to see the gallery of beautiful acrylic nails.

Acrylic Nail Designs Made With Stamping Technique

Acrylic nails

These cool nail designs are done with the stamping technique. And this technique is something incredible: you do not have to paint like Van Gogh to get fine lines peculiar to intricate nail designs any longer. And you do not have to spend much time on your mani as well. Just a little practice and you will get an impressive nail design. You will just need a stamper, nail lacquer, and some engraved designs available at any store that sells nail art supplies.

Sparkling Glitter Nail Designs for Acrylic Nails

These sparkling nail art designs can easily become your go-to. No more boring nail designs! We fell in love with these glitter nails ideas the moment we saw them, that is why we decided to share this beauty with you. And the great news is that besides being bedazzling, these nail designs are unbelievably simple to recreate.

So, in case you are one of those women who would love to try some new glitter nail art but are afraid that it’s too complex, do not worry. Let’s begin experimenting! You can’t ever go wrong with sparkling mani.

Cute Nail Art with Hearts

When it comes to the prettiest acrylic nails, we cannot but mention the ones that rock heart shapes. A heart is a symbol of love – one of the most influential things in the whole world. And it is also a symbol that represents life. There is no wonder why a heart is present in practically any form of art, and nail art is not an exception here. As for the nail art, hearts are not necessarily red in it, so, the variations will range greatly. Which is awesome, as we want to have many options when it comes to the colors of our nails.

Lovely Acrylic Nail Designs with Ombre

If you are looking for easy do yourself nail designs, here they are! Ombre can be seen anywhere today, from makeup to lips to hair, and nails are our favorite place for ombre. The manicure in ombre makes a statement and attracts attention, but it also can be a bit subtler. The choice is yours. And in case you have never tried to sport ombre on your nails, we definitely advise you to. Nails are a part of your overall image and the winning nail art designs like the ones you can see here will bring you many compliments.

Beautiful Floral Designs for Acrylic Nails

Beautiful acrylic nail designs often involve floral patterns. Flowers make our mani appear quite fresh and feminine. Plus, flowers are something that always elevates our mood, even if they are painted. There are so many shapes and shades of floral patterns that you will never get bored. Do not forget to pin these photos of beautiful acrylic nails just in case you want to get some similar nail designs.

Unusual Water Marble Nail Designs

Trendy acrylic nail designs 2018 feature water marble patterns. Were you ever mesmerized at the way marble appears, the colors it involves? Then these unique nail art ideas are for you! We really think that these swirls created with so many colors are hypnotizing and irresistible. There is just one thing to be aware of: water marble nail art is more elaborate which means that you will probably have to go the salon to get it done. However, it will be worth it.

Polka Dots Nail Designs for a Cute Look

Acrylic nail trends 2018 involve polka dot patterns that are, by the way, super easy to replicate. Plus, it is fun and adorable to look at. Also, no special tools are required for these easy nail designs. You can do polka dots at home with the help of bobby pins and a toothpick. And you can use any colors of nail lacquer for the polka dots design and thus match it with any of your outfits.

Aren’t these acrylic nail designs fascinating? We think they will come in handy for any fashionista.

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Bridal hairstyle

10 Bridal Hairstyle Inspirations For All ‘Soon To Be’ Bride

One of the choices the bride has to make to achieve the best on the big day is the Cochise of a good hairstyle. The right hairstyle is very important because your look should be in harmony with your wedding style. We are already in third month of the year 2018; and people who are in a serious relationship and ready to take the next big step would have started discussion on possible date to choose for their big day.

The desire of the bride to look awesome on the big day, the excitement to achieve perfection is not a choice she have to make, it’s actually a necessity- remember that how you look on your wedding day is going to live with you for the rest of your life.

Though, every bride has their own preferences and this of cause has everything to do with hair length, hair texture and of cause individual liking. All of this attributes affect the final look, however while we can’t read everybody’s mind we can come up with suggestions of how you can reflect your beauty on that D-day.

These bridal hairstyles inspiration looks ethereal; they are switch away from what you normally see. The way the hairstyles are made gives off different vibe and depending on what you are going for, we are sure that you would love every look in this look-book.

Below are some interesting looks that vary from hair textures to taste, we think that these hairstyles are very beautiful:

Bridal hairstyle



Fashion Blogger, Event’s Manager and Pr Consultant, I am Bashiru.
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Important Tips on How To Dress Like Boss Lady

In the late 1970s and early ’80s, women began power dressing, not just for fashion but to ‘fit in’ with the boys. They believed that in order to be taken seriously, they needed to dress like they were a part of the exclusive boys club. Women began hitting the streets in loose pant suits, below-the knee skirt suits in sombre colours like black and grey.

Here are a few tips to nailing power dressing for the modern woman!

1. Suit up

Whatever your industry, it’s always the right occasion for power dressing. You can wear a suit, or perhaps a tailored shift and matching jacket. Think of the aesthetic of iconic designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Calvin Klein. When shopping for suit; pick a classic cut, a lightweight fabric and a neutral colour that suits you well.

2. Tailor is your friend

There’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit, so make sure it fits perfectly. Especially have any hems adjusted to work with the shoes you’re most likely to wear with it. If in doubt, keep the skirt length just above the knee and the pant length below the ankle.

3. Keep in slinky

You want a great shirt that fits snuggly under the suit, but not so snug that buttons pop. Don’t go too low cut, though a little plunge is chic, especially under a jacket with lapels. Get an ivory or white shirt in a slinky material for a stylish edge.

4. Neat Feet

Shoes must be comfortable yet have a bit of height. Toes are a no-no. If you can pull off red-soled pumps with a pantsuit, I’d be in awe.

5. Read my lips

Red is the ultimate power colour. Red lips command attention like no other and the great thing is there are different shades to fit all skin tones.

6. Devil in the details

A pearl necklace, a brooch or a simple sculptural gold cuff work. Do not wear too much bling, keep it simple and elegant.

7. A timepiece

A fine watch speaks volumes, not to mention it is timelessly (no pun intended) stylish. Wear one. If you don’t have an expensive watch, no worries, a vintage watch will be less expensive and just as striking.

8. Bag lady

A good-looking bag that goes with your suit is a plus, aim for a more graphic logo style. The bag shouldn’t be so big that it looks like a weekend tote and not so small that it won’t hold your Iphone, wallet and a compact.

9. Finishing touches

I can’t stress how important this tip is with respect to power dressing. Cut and blow-dry goes a very long way. Wear minimal makeup, be well manicured and tidy your eyebrows. Grooming is important, not just for power dressing, but for life.


Fashion Blogger, Event’s Manager and Pr Consultant, I am Bashiru


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